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Rebecca Cullen

Mr Shane is a stunning EP, simply put. Brilliantly eclectic, conceptually powerful, loaded with equal parts good energy and honest reflection. The production is superb,

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Music Crowns

The unique artist showcases his imaginative style as he seamlessly blends genres and influences to create something both original and fresh   Twitter

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Planet Singer

A great voice, the right attitude, and a creative mind are the key to success, and Shaney Poo is making the right steps toward a

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Shaney Poo aka Mr Shane is a Haitian-American artist, songwriter, actor & producer from Boston, MA. His family gave him the nickname Shaney Poo when he was a baby. He makes art based on his life experiences and his own imagination. He spent much of his early years raised in the neighborhoods of Roxbury & Dorchester, then later venturing the world where he developed his craft and life. As an independant artist he's collaborated with super producers like K.E on the Track and The Track Burnaz while grinding with his signature sound and style. With his latest release, multi-talented artist Shaney Poo proves he’s an exciting new artist to watch. His newly dropped 7-track project “Mr. Shane” boasts a matured sound his followers will appreciate.“Mr. Shane” fuses a mixture of sounds with Caribbean, Rap, Pop, and R&B flavors. “Mr. Shane” marks a new era for Shaney Poo’s sound. The EP covers a variety of topics, but it centers around a message of hope and positivity for a better world.